Acting Manitou - Documentary Filmmaking

Acting Manitou is a special place. It’s not like any other summer camp or youth program I’ve ever seen. Geared for theater students, campers here come from all over the World, summer after summer, because of the incredible intention and care that director Steve Borowka and his amazing staff put into the program.

Steve is fantastic, the type of person that inspires everyone around him. He staffs the camp with experienced professionals from Broadway, Film, and other parts of industry, who share his vision. They work with the campers to put on an amazing breadth of theatrical work. Throughout the experience the staff become mentors to the campers, developing deep and meaningful relationships and helping them grow. It’s truly incredible to see.

As a filmmaker, my goal for every project is to capture an experience and convey it, genuinely and honestly, in a compelling way. When the camp reached out about creating a series of marketing videos, I knew the only way to do it was to have the experience myself… and I was so happy I did.

Spending 5 days at Acting Manitou gave me an opportunity to truly learn about the camp, it’s staff, and the campers themselves. It helped me understand why campers would come to Maine, give up their phones, and spend hours a day rehearsing. It helped me see why campers would come from as far as Spain for as many as 9 summers in a row. Most importantly, It gave me a great perspective for telling their story. That’s what documentary filmmaking is all about.

It was an experience I’ll never forget. I hope to do it again!

Take a look at the videos below.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a program or experience you’d like to document!

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