Embark-CCT - Corporate Interview and B2B promotional

Who you choose to work with matters, especially when it comes to video production. When I work with my clients, I am always looking out for their best interests. I make sure to capture everything we need for the video we plan to make today AND for the video we decide to make in the future. Maximizing what I shoot for every project means my clients have the flexibility to create more. The footage is archived and accessible so I'm always ready to put together something new in the future. 

Earlier this year, I was hired by Embark-CCT to film a one day seminar they offer to clients in the Furniture Manufacturing and Sales industry. The idea was to turn the seminar into a short webinar to generate interest in Embark's group and individual coaching services. That idea evolved. After Filming and sitting down for an interview with the owner, Sid Meadows, we came up with a longer term marketing plan to make the most of the the video I captured throughout the day. This  is just one of the videos that we put together from the day's footage. Others will be out soon. 

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Alex Cruzvergara