Wellesley College Reunion 2018 - Highlight and Social Media

Early this summer, I had the opportunity to document the Wellesley College Reunion. It was a three day event filled with activities, speeches, and meetings from morning to night. The Alumnae office wanted to tell the story of reunion and the importance of the event in sustaining the deep relationships between alumnae. They also wanted to incorporate "Woman on the Street" style interviews in what we put together. We came up with a plan to create several short highlights throughout the event and follow them up with a longer highlight to send out to the participants as a thank you. 

We settled on creating and releasing 4 short clips (same day edits) for instagram and facebook everyday from Friday - Monday so that anyone who wasn't attending reunion could see what was going on. At the end each day, I transferred the days footage and started editing. Here's what we put together.


After the reunion ended, I had a few days to create the final highlight video. There was so much good footage that it was difficult to decide what to keep and cut as I put it together! After a few drafts and working together with the team at the Alumnae Office, this is what we came up with. 


It was a beautiful event to cover. I was so happy to be a part of this and am looking forward to working with Wellesley College in the future. 

Alex Cruzvergara